Gracias Commercial Land Beside Dangote Refinery for Sale in Ibeju Lekki


Buying land in Gracias Commercial gives you the opportunity to multiply wealth and increase your real estate portfolio. Think about it, how much do you think lands close to the Dangote Refinery in Ibeju Lekki would worth in the ‘not-too-far’ future?

So much is happening in Ibeju Lekki, all thanks to the Lekki Free Trade Zone, which houses over 166 companies (at the time of writing this piece) including Dangote Refinery and Dangote Fertilizer and Petrochemical Plant.

And having a landed property in this axis will be positioning you for the wealthy circle in a few years to this time.

What if you could secure plots of commercial land very close to Dangote Refinery for the purpose of business? Commercial activities like hotels, shopping complexes, malls, haulages, logistics, oil and gas, factories etc will be suitable for this location.

And what if you could position yourself a stone thrown from the refinery now, wait a few years when the refinery kicks off and smile to the bank?

And if you are not into any of the businesses that are suitable close to a refinery, you can still position yourself to become a wealthy landlord to businesses and companies when the area shoot up. Companies and banks will beg you to sell, lease or rent your property for millions of naira yearly.

Gracias Commercial gives you the opportunity to own a titled land close to the Dangote Refinery just for commercial purposes.

Where Exactly is Gracias Commercial Located?

Gracias Commercial is located at Okunraiye in Ibeju Lekki, less than a minute drive to the Dangote Refinery. It is actually sharing a boundary with Dangote Refinery.

The property is just by the road which was constructed by Dangote.

What is the Title on Gracias Commercial Lands?

This property; Gracias Commercial boasts of a perfect and verifiable land title known as Certificate of Occupancy (Global C of O).

What is the Size of a Plot of Land in Gracias Commercial?

A standard plot of land in this estate is 600sqm (60 x 100ft).

10 Reasons to Buy Land in Gracias Commercial Ibeju Lekki

  1. Gracias Commercial is strategically located beside the Dangote Refinery and Lekki Free Trade Zone.
  2. It is a good location for commercial purpose such as hotels, offices, mall, factories, etc.
  3. It location offers easy access to network other places in the business hub.
  4. Gracias Commercial is free from all known government acquisition.
  5. Gracias Commercial has a perfect land title which is C of O.
  6. No omo onile issue when you buy plot(s) of land in Gracias Commercial.
  7. With Gracias Commercial, return on investment is very high as properties appreciate very fast in this axis.
  8. You get instant physical allocation when you buy land in Gracias Commercial.
  9. Businesses in Gracias Commercial are going to be orderly and laid out for a better business environment.
  10. With Gracias Commercial, you are positioning yourself within the future go-to business hub of West Africa.

Watch Video of Gracias Commercial

Buying into Gracias Commercial gives you the opportunity to multiply wealth by owning a rare commercial plot(s) within the multi-billion naira projects such as the Free Trade Zone, Dangote Refinery, etc.

Neigbourhood of Gracias Commercial

  • Dangote Refinery
  • Lekki Free Trade Zone
  • Dangote Jetty
  • Lekki Deep Sea Port
  • Lekki International Airport
  • Power Oil
  • Kelloggs
  • And much more.

More Pictures of Gracias Commercial

Buying land in Gracias Commercial is a great investment choice that I can not overemphasize this enough. You need to come and see this wonderful property to be able to picture what I am saying.

So How Much is Gracias Commercial Selling For?

Currently, there is an ongoing 20% discount on Gracias Commercial and a plot is going for N8. million – for outright payment only.

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How to Buy Plots of Land in Gracias Commercial

At Landicon Realtors, buying a safe and titled landed property is what we make easier for our clients.

Let us help you acquire as many plots of land in Gracias Commercial as you can, without any stress.

Talk to Oyedepo John on 08036129474 (also on WhatsApp) and let’s make you a wealthy and happy landlord in the business hub of West Africa; Ibeju Lekki.

For enquiries about Gracias Courts 2 Commercial, inspection and process of purchase, kindly call 08036129474.

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